Frequently Asked Questions Q: Can I view other user's profiles or is there a database of public images?
A: No. You only can view images if the owner provides you the URL.

Q: What file types are supported?
A: Images of the file types JPG, GIF and PNG are supported.

Q: What is the maximum file size?
A: Each file must be 5MB or smaller.

Q: How long are images stored?
A: Images are stored for life time (see our terms of service).

Q: Should I keep a backup of my images on my local machine?
A: Yes, you always should backup your files.

Q: I registered for a free account. How many images can I store?
A: There are no limits (fair use).

Q: The services provided are free. Does this mean they are of low quality?
A: We the best service possible. We use high quality hardware on a high quality network.